McMin Middle East FZE at its associates manufacturing Facility in Gujarat, India manufactures Bentonite used as a Viscosifier and Weighing material for Drilling applications, as per API 13 A Section 9,Section 10, Section 11

The various Grades of Bentonite in our supply range are
Sodium Bentonite as per API 13 A Section 9 also Known as API Grade Drilling Bentonite
Sodium Bentonite as Per API13 A Section 11 also Known as OCMA Bentonite

API- 13 A SECTION-9-BENTONITE POWDER Parameter Specification Results
1 Viscometer dial Reading @ 600 Rpm 30 Minimum 37
2 Viscometer dial Reading @ 300 Rpm ……. 29
3 Yield Point / Plastic Viscosity ratio 3.0 Maximum 2.63
4 Filtration Loss, cc 15 cc Maximum 14.8
5 Wet Residue 75 Microns % Weight 4% Maximum 2.44
6 Moisture, % Weight ….. 10.69

Bentonite – other grades in our product range are as below
Pilling grade
Foundry grade
IOP grade
Poultry grade
Landfill grade
Earthing and water proofing grade
Calcium lumps & powder for bleaching earth
Sodium & calcium bentonite lumps for drilling

Packaging:-1000 Kgs Jumbo Bags with Inner Lining as standard, 25 kgs,50 Kgs packing also available as per buyers requirement.
Port of Loading:- Indian ports
Origin:- India